A Valuable Lesson


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Director: Bree Mills
Runtime: 1 Hrs 22 Mins
Year: 2021
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Rachael Cavalli,Chloe Temple,Riley Star


Willow (Chloe Temple) needs help in school with math to be able to finish high school. So she goes to see Henry (Jake Adams), a tutor who can help her. On the other hand, Henry wants more than to help Willow at school, he wants to fuck her too. Being scared, she wants to leave, but he holds her back by telling her that she won’t graduate without him. Reagan (Rachael Cavalli) and Travis (Eric Masterson) enthusiastically fuck when Reagan has the idea of impersonating their step daughter Daisy (Riley Star). Travis becomes uncomfortable, to which Reagan reminds him that she is not actually related to either of them as she is their stepdaughter from a previous marriage. Meanwhile, the real Daisy watches the scene while masturbating while waiting to be involved.