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Naughty Little Asians 28


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Director: Ed Hunter
Runtime: 2 Hrs 3 Mins
Year: 2010
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Minami Otsuki,Kasumi


Kasumi Matsumura is a very cute girl. She sits on a sofa dressed in her maid costume, totally innocent and smiling so nicely. All this changes when 30 hard Japanese cocks are ordered up for her to suck, stroke, slop and soil up with her thick, creamy and all natural J-juices. One cock after another, in rapid fire succession, fill her to the brim with cum load after cum load deposited in her well trimmed, yet now badly beaten J-box. J-slush and J-drip surround the scene. Globs of cum drain from inside her as several cocks also get a special cleaning with her mouth after flushing out a 3rd party’s cum from her vag. Cum oozes, drips, drains and splashes all over the room. She has never done anything like this before and will likely never forget the day she was over-filled with 30 consecutive cum loads and crowned the Naughtiest Asian of all time!

Manami Ebihara is a hottie. She has nice long legs with white high heels and tight white shorts on. Her blue panty line is visible through her shorts to the 2 guys we team her up with today. She is a really naughty J-chick- with anal experience and the expectation that these 2 guys are about to rip her shit as well today. Her skin is very white, her pubic hair very dark and her pussy very pink, especially on the bottom before turning a darker shade of brown as one nears the top. Her off white clitoris peeks from behind her pretty cunt.

Minami Otsuki has a really cute look about her. She has a textbook- traditional Japanese fang tooth; the kind that tell you this girl likes to suck cock and get fucked a lot. She has a mini skirt on and gives us a peek at her white panties and her pretty Japanese underarms. We inspect her slightly stubbly J-pits before unveiling her small nipples and quaintly manicured J-flower shaved into a perfectly formed, long haired V for “victory” patch. It is perfectly formed and full of fresh J-pollen that Kenzaki enjoys a thorough sampling of. He busts out a big vibrator and then feeds her a big taste of his smaller than average J-cock. She works it hard as he stuffs her tiny mouth to the brim with it; gagging her a bit as he jabs the back of her throat. She lays back and takes his cock, cumming and creaming her special J-juice several times along the way. It is thick and natural extract that creams from inside and attaches itself to Kenzakis shaft. She gets it in a variety of ways, before succumbing to a thick wad splattered across her plush and pampered pubic V patch.

Mari is a cutie pie. She is home smoking a cigarette before she strips down to take a shower. She has her back fully tattooed; a sign that this girl has spent some time with the boys that hang on the darker streets of Tokyo. She has a tight body, small tits and a very pretty smile. She hooked up a little sex for money with an old guy who wants to film it himself. He sucks on her tiny tatas before chowing down on her pretty J-hole. He splits her J-wings and starts to fuck her, before pulling out and feeding her a taste off his wang. She slobbers on his knob, preparing it for some more fucking, as she lays back and takes a pounding. Her pubic hair stands on end as the tension builds and the old man does a good job of finishing her off with a huge load pasted all over her flat chest.