The Luckiest Guy


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Director: Craven Moorehead
Runtime: 1hr 42mins
Year: 2019
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Liv Revamped,Chloe Foster,Liv Aguilera


Vanessa (Liv Revamped) and Carl (Donnie Rock) are sitting comfortably at the restaurant when the waiter Brayden (Michael Vegas) asks if they’re having a good time. The couple is celebrating their anniversary. What Carl doesn’t notice is that the wife has mouthed the words “your dick” to him, and then sexily picks up a long-shaped appetizer and licks the tip suggestively. As she goes towards the bathroom, Vanessa signals for the waiter to follow her. They fuck hard and rough, a raw, frenzied bathroom quickie. Vanessa can’t get enough of Brayden’s cock and isn’t concerned about her husband catching them.