The Senator’s Grand Daughter


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Year: 2015
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Violet Monroe,Camille Black,Loki Black,Lisa Kinkaid


Starring Violet Monroe!

Taboo Family Secrets, A Political Career And A Very Naughty Granddaughter!

Violet Monroe’s grandfather was running for Senate a few years back when Violet’s sex drive began to rule her life. In an attempt to save his campaign Grandpa had Violet committed to a sex addiction center and won the election. Now that she has learned to control her carnal desires she is back to working on her Grandfather’s re-election campaign until a nosy reporter discovers her indiscretions. He follows Violet and uncovers a torrid affair between her and her cousin which is just what he needed. He blackmails Violet for sexual favors and political gains in exchange for her influencing Grandpa’s decisions the only way she knows how. Working closely with her grandfather regularly makes it easy for her to seduce him and get exactly what she wants… all the cock on Capital Hill she can handle and the reporter off her back.

XXX That Just Shouldn’t Happen!